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Last Updated : 16 June 2013

Al Alawi Tower (QFC Tower 2)

The Qatar Financial Centre Authority has taken the head lease at Al Alawi Tower (QFC Tower 2), which is available as a premises option for QFC firms. The tower is located in the Doha West Bay area close to the existing QFC Tower, and is currently undergoing commissioning by the landlord.

The Tower has a mezzanine and 18 rentable floors, with spaces of between 78 and 557 square meters available. The QFC Authority is seeking QFC tenants for whole and half floors, as well as for five floors which will be subdivided into 4-6 smaller office spaces by the QFC Authority. Leases offered for up to five years.

Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA) is based in this tower, a Qatari-based education academy created by the QFC Authority in partnership with Qatar Foundation (QF) to support the growth of Qatar as a leading financial services centre through learning and development.


QFC Tower

The Qatar Financial Center is headquartered at the QFC Tower, near City Center in Doha. The QFC Authority, QFC Regulatory Authority and 35 licensed firms are in occupation.

The Tower was designed by Arab Engineering Bureau and constructed by Gulf Housing and Contracting.

The area of the building is 14,140 sq mts. The QFC Tower is built to the highest international standards and specifications.


  • 20 floors
  • 14 floors for licensed tenants
  • Comprising single, double and quadruple tenant floors
  • Approximate occupancy per floor is 55 persons
  • Tower meets international fire and safety standards
  • 2 basements plus ground floor parking available
  • Insurance company on ground floor
  • Call centre to accommodate concierge services for all QFC employees and licensed firms
  • 24/7 security
  • Courier service
  • Coffee Shop

Locations in Doha approved as QFC Locations

International firms seeking to be QFC Licensed Firms in the State of Qatar need to establish their offices in promises recognized as approved QFC locations. kindly check the list

Qatar Financial Centre Authority | QFCRA is the regulator for the QFC