12 August 2014
Establishing a business in the QFC
15 July 2014
QFC Authority updates the QFC Tax Regulations and Rules

Welcome to the website of the Qatar Financial Centre Authority ("QFC Authority").

Strategically located as an important platform for conducting business in the rapidly growing Middle East and North Africa region, the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) has firmly established itself as a thriving jurisdiction for global and regional financial services firms looking to capitalise on the opportunities offered by the region.

The QFC Authority is the commercial and strategic arm of the QFC. The QFC Authority also serves as a ‘think-tank’ for the State of Qatar on financial services, in addition to acting as an interface between participants who would like to use the QFC as a platform to expand within the region and the State of Qatar. 



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Qatar Financial Centre Authority | QFCRA is the regulator for the QFC